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A commercial energy performance certificate – or EPC – tells you how energy efficient a commercial property is, graded on a scale of A – G for CO2 emissions. The most efficient properties are in band A, with the least efficient in band G.

Commercial EPCs

Commercial EPCs in Liverpool

At EPC Liverpool, we can help you get an accurate commercial energy performance certificate for your commercial property at a competitive price.

Our staff will conduct a thorough survey of your business premises before giving you the EPC certificate. Though we’re based in Liverpool we serve most areas across the North West.

What Is A Commercial EPC Certificate?

Commercial EPC’s indicates the energy efficiency of a building fabric and the fixed; heating, ventilation, cooling and lighting systems. This however does not take into account how the present occupier uses these systems.

It is a none intrusive assessment where the assessor will gain all the information he needs to complete the assessment. If your property is rated F or G we can help.

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